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Support FAQ’s

Based on the most frequent questions we answer and common issues our customers face, our customer service team created this page for YOU. Please click on any question for help. If your question is not answered below, please feel free to contact one of our technical support professionals. They will be waiting for your call and will be happy to assist you!

Easy Clean PC is designed to clean your Windows registry, delete old and duplicate files, and should speed up your computer’s performance as a result. It does this by scanning your system. All the scan results are shown, and you can then decide what information you would like to delete and what to keep.

Minimum requirements needed for using Easy Clean PC : Win XP through Win 10. 512MB of RAM.
On installation Easy Clean PC conducts a full system scan. Scan results are shown once completed. Only the scan itself is free. Any registry issues and junk files found are shown, and users are given the option to register for the premium version which will then attempt to remove them.
In order to remove the registry issues, junk and duplicate files, and error messages that were found by the free scan, you will need to register for the Easy Clean PC premium version. This will allow you to clean and optimize your PC and remove the issues that were identified- at the time of purchase and on an ongoing basis.. If used correctly and on a regular basis going forward, Easy Clean PC should help maintain a cleaner computer system resulting in a smoother performance and greater speed.
Click on this link: www.easycleanpc.com
Click on the “Free Scan” button.
The program should begin to download and automatically start scanning your computer. Wait a few moments for the scan to be completed. However, if for some reason the program does not begin scanning automatically, open the program and click the button that says “Find Errors.”
The activation key is the code that allows you to activate your own license of Easy Clean PC. The activation key, or license, is issued to you after you purchase a license of the program. The product activation key is displayed on your computer screen immediately after you purchase the program. It is also emailed to you after you purchase the product. If you cannot locate your activation key, email us at support@easycleanpc.com and we will assist you with activation for free! We can also email it to you again.
Each activation key is valid for one computer. If you have more than one PC, contact us and we will assist you in registering for more licenses to cover them too. We offer a discount for our valued customers!
If you lose your license key- no problem! Just contact us at support@easycleanpc.com or call us at 1-866-444-6531 and we will reset it for you.
Your anti-virus software may detect Easy Clean PC as an unknown or potentially unwanted file and block it. Easy Clean PC is a harmless program, designed by software developers with years of experience. If you are comfortable and want to proceed with the scan, you may need to deactivate your antivirus software. After that, scan your computer with Easy Clean PC. If your computer still won’t scan, then send us an email at support@easycleanpc.com. One of our technicians will help you through the process!
Yes, you can. Go to the Startup menu. Select settings, then under the scan areas tab you can check or uncheck the applications you want to be scanned.
Easy Clean PC software allows the user to change the scan schedule to whatever preference you have. You can customize the time you want the program to scan your computer whenever it best suits you. To do so, go to the program settings on the main screen. Select settings near the bottom. Click on the schedule tab and here you can easily select the best time or date for your PC to be scanned.
Easy Clean PC finds and removes all system and registry issues, Sometimes applications automatically create the same issues with each use. Easy Clean PC removes them each time the user selects to fix, but cannot prevent them from being created when that application is used again. Generally these types of issues are small and unobtrusive.
Easy Clean PC is designed to uninstall easily, using the standard Windows Operating System uninstall function. This is usually accessed through the control panel on your computer. To completely remove Easy Clean PC, go to the Control Panel of your computer. Then, click Uninstall a Program. Look for Easy Clean PC, select it. Click the uninstall button. This will remove Easy Clean PC and its components from your computer. If you have trouble removing the program on your own, or you don’t know how to take the steps we just described, email us at support@easycleanpc.com. We will help you- no problem!
Easy Clean PC is totally safe. It was developed by a team of certified developers with years of experience in Windows Operating Systems. They included the feature of having the software create a backup automatically of the Windows registry before it scans your PC, which is an added security feature if you are concerned about cleaning your registry.
The Easy Clean PC program includes Total Customer Care support for all premium version customers. This means full technical support cover is available for that registered computer. This covers subscribed customers for removal of virus issues, backups, updates and so on. This is an incredible benefit that is usually charged extra with other programs, and can save our users hundreds of dollars over time. Of course, we can never guarantee the removal of all viruses, but we will do our best and you will incur no charge for the service!.
If the FAQ’s above do not help you with your issue, please feel free to contact us at support@easycleanpc.com or call us at 1-866-444-6531 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will be most happy to assist you.

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