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A Passion for Computers

Our founders have always shared one interest: a huge passion for computers, technology, software, and programming. They learned as young students, experimenting with command based systems in every second of their own spare time. They designed their first of many software programs while in college, and shared it only with some immediate friends. Their first program was so well received that they soon began learning new skills and offering new software applications on a wider basis. From these humble beginnings, Rainmaker Software Group was born.

With each application launched, the team of developers understood more and more one important factor: the programs must be extremely easy to use for all levels of computer users. The founders continue to use the latest available technology and a never ending process of research and testing to offer the best products they can. They stay in contact with their customer base, always listening and striving to improve on their popular range of software products. They constantly test their own and their competitors’ programs to see what is working best and what needs improvement. And they maintain the goal of offering effective, easy to use programs.

Their mission is to provide affordable, effective software that can be used to enhance performance and safety of computers for any user.

With this in mind, they are proud to include Easy Clean PC in their full range of software programs- an optimization program so easy and simple to use that it is great for any user! An added benefit for all customers who register for the premium version includes full technical support. This is designed to ensure that users have all the support they need for the program or any other issues that may arise while they are subscribed to the software program. Total Customer Care covers subscribed customers for removal of virus issues, backups, updates and more. This is an incredible offer that would normally cost users hundreds of dollars if used regularly- offered to our users for free with their subscription!

Rainmaker Software Group
Location: 1925 Lovering Ave, Wilmington, DE, 19806

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